A Perfect Match

‘A Perfect Match’ by Ramendra Kumar is actually a perfect book! I simply loved the storyline. An old couple trains the kids of their locality; free of cost and the training is not of Cricket but Hockey! I completely drooled over the team names- the Halwa team of Dadiji and Jalebi team of Dadaji . The team leaders fix up a match without asking the kids. The all boys team of Dadiji was confident of defeating the all girls team of Dadaji and vice-versa. In the nail-biting match, none of the two teams win. Winner is someone else!

To know about the winner, grab a copy of this wonderful book by Pratham Publication. There are many take-aways from this beautiful story, read and find your own!

Reviewed By-  Ishita Goyal

Age-  10 years

School-  Sat Paul Mittal School, Ludhiana

Grade-  4

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