About Us

As you know, children are naturally curious about the world around them, and curiosity is a powerful motivation for reading. Studies show that informational reading develops imagination, induction, reflection and critical thinking as well as vocabulary. Children get their news from many sources which are not always accurate or even age appropriate. For the young impressionable minds, news is what they have heard older people talking about or what see on television. However, for the younger children, news is still incomprehensible as the daily newspapers are too difficult for them to read or understand.

Newspapers can be valuable teaching tools, even in early childhood classrooms. A newspaper is an effective tool in the classroom and often called a “living textbook.” For older grades, a newspaper is full of coverage on the latest happenings and statistics which they can understand as they are already familiar with the words, background and context. However, the same newspaper is not very effective for young readers as it is not capable of making them understand the news, think critically about what they’re hearing, and even the vocabulary is not suited to their age group. While we want children to read as much as possible, we also want them to be aware of what’s going around us and develop a conscience for issues that are going to impact our future.

To sustain children’s excitement about reading, we have created a special children’s only monthly newsletter – Junior Imprint. The newsletter aims to help the children (between 6 and 10 years) read and understand the news as every story has been carefully chosen and written in child-friendly language. It explain news to children by breaking it down into smaller sentences and making the vocabulary accessible. The articles are short and concise and we provide context for everything in each news story, so that children can understand what’s going on, and why. It’s a fun and vibrant newspaper to keep children up to date with news and interesting stories from around the world.

The 12 pages have been designed like a newspaper but in an attractive style for children with bigger fonts, catchy but small headlines and beautiful images. The categories have been selected in consultation with Educators to keep them engaged till the last page. The sections include national, international, environment, sports, biomimicry, technology, space, wildlife as well as non-news categories like games & puzzles, recipes, comics, yoga postures, book & toy reviews among others.

Meet the TEAM

 Sonal Vaswani is an artist, an illustrator and an animator, based in Mumbai. She has always been in love with colors and textures and continuous to experiments with medium and material. She loves illustrating for children as it takes her back to being a kid. She has worked on several visual books for children for fisher price, Karadi tales, UNICEF , Katha and Pratham.
Sonal look forward to work on things involving kids, be it doing some activity with them, telling stories or any product for them. You can see more of her work at www.thematchboxgirl.com
Shubhshree Mathur is a self-diagnosed bibliophile…Having a background of design and literature and the “condition” mentioned above, she finds herself writing concepts, scribbling random thoughts and doodling here & there ideas about some great books she has been planning. In the last few years she has ventured into the arenas of branding, storytelling, education, research and writing too! Currently she is working as Assistant Prof at Symbiosis institute of Design. In her leisure time she works closely with publishing houses as freelance children’s book illustrator.
Nishand Venugopal is a nature and wildlife photographer. Propelled by his passion for nature conservation, travel and the desire to share his knowledge and artistic vision, Nishand volunteers actively for WWF and helps children learn about the wonders of our world, and how we must preserve them. Having previously worked as a TV Producer with CNN-News18, Nishand now works at nishandphotoark.com, which combines photographs, literature and works related to conservation and the animal kingdom.
Pallavi likes to write funny stories and sometimes she even writes scary stories. If you don’t see her reading, writing or baking, she must be looking at the trees and dreaming about a hill station she went to long time back.
SJ is a mom and an editor and a writer. She likes writing newsy stuff in an easy-to-understand language because she understands news better than you and me. She just has the knack for it. When she is free, she likes to hang out with her friends, and visit bookshops.
Nandini Singh is an English and communication skills trainer with over 15 years experience.She is also into editorial consultancy and content development. She is a post graduate in English literature from Miranda House,Delhi university. She loves to read,travel and explore different cuisines
Namita Tewary is an educationist by profession, a Yoga coach by choice, a birder by love, nature lover at heart and a baker by passion. Having grown up in the midst of nature in the Himalayas, she finds working with nature very healing and therapeuticand this simplicity and love reflects in her recipes,  stories and nature photography on her blog Ambrosia.Ambrosia is a blog dedicated to healthy baking using whole grains, local grains, alternative fours, seasonal and local produce.  Most of the delicious recipes on the blog are eggless and vegan.  A rustic and simple vegetarian diet encourages the development of higher qualities of peace, love, and awareness. And, the recipes on the blog say it all.