Corpse pose or the dead man’s pose or Shavasana

Getting ready for Halloween? Do this pose to get into the groove better. The dead man’s pose has another name – the final relaxation pose. That’s because it helps you relax like no other pose. In most yoga classes, this is the last pose that’s practiced as it enhances and renews the body and the mind. The Sanskrit name, Savasana comes from two words – Sava (corpse) and Asana (pose). But playing dead does not mean you go off to sleep. This is not a napping pose so try to stay awake and aware during the complete duration of the pose. Try to pause the mental chatter for this pose if you really want it to make you calm and collected.


• Lie down on your mat with your legs straight and arms at your sides. 

• Your palms should be facing up. 

• Now close your eyes and breathe normally. 

• Relax your body, from the feet of your soles, moving up to your feet to your eyes. 

• Try to listen to your breathing only and ignore the noises around you. 

• Stop thinking and invite peace in your mind, body, and soul.

• Stay in the pose for atleast five to ten minutes

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