How the world is getting rid of single-use plastic…

• In the United States, a home delivery service called Loop will deliver products using reusable packaging.

• In Japan, Nestle has given up use of single use plastic and the company is now making use of paper wrapping package for its KitKat products to combat plastic waste.

• Coco-Cola is also stepping up its green initiative by giving a makeover to its Dasani brand, the bestselling bottled water. Dasani water will now be available in aluminum cans. 

• From next year, PepsiCo will also offer its ‘Aquafina’ water brand in aluminum can packaging in US food service outlets.

• Mariott International, the world’s largest hotel chain is removing small bottles of toiletries made of plastic.

• McDonalds, the burger giant, opened a nearly plastic-free restaurant in Berlin called the ‘Better McDonald’s Store’ where it replaced plastic straws with paper versions and replaced plastic cutlery with wooden cutlery. 

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