Kalpana’s cycle

This lovely story written by Sowmya Rajendran, beautifully illustrated by Kabini Amin and published by Pratham Books is a story of a determined girl Kalpana who, despite several falls, continues to try to learn cycling. Kalpana’s mother got the cycle from her workplace and her brother Prabhu was helping her to learn cycling. My heart went out to her when she repeatedly fell and got nasty bruises while trying to learn cycling. I admire Kalpana’s persistence and grit and the admirable way in which she refuses to give up. She inspires us to accept the notion of failure. Also, she reinforces the idea that falling is no big deal.

Prabhu’s character in the story is truly admirable as an elder sibling.
I simply loved the way he did not give up on his sister and stood by her side.

I would strongly recommend this book to kids between 5-7 years of age.

Reviewed by: Jenya Kapila

Age: 6 years

School: Sat Paul Mittal School, Dugri, Ludhiana

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