Meet Habib Ali

Today we would like to introduce you to an artist who is still studying, just like you! Habib is studying to becomean artist in Gwalior but he has already illustrated formany story books and magazines. Infact his most recent picture book ‘Neel on Wheels’, got an award too. He told us that he started drawing when he was a child. He gotformal training in art only after he left school but thatdidn’t deter him from drawing and developing his ownstyle as a kid. Do you know what is different about his artwork? Habib has this wonderful knack of weaving simple everyday scenes from in his pictures quitebeautifully. The daily rituals become so endearing in hishandpainted images. He loves the traditional style of artwork like using watercolors and even pencil colors.We asked him why does he like illustrating for children so much and this is what he has to say – “Working for story books helps me remember my childhood. It reminds me of the important things that sometimes iforget.” Habib says that the key to good drawing is to have fun while drawing. His advice to all the buddingartists – When you draw a scene or a memory, try to remember all the elements and put them all in your drawing, but remeber, it should be a fun task for you, notsomethig that you have to do but something that you want to do!

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