New species of electric eel discovered

Get ready to get shocked because a new study paper indicates that there are not one but three species of electric eel. Found only in the rivers of South America, these creatures use three different electric organs to produce shocks. The stronger electrical discharges help them catch food and also protect against predators. Electric eels also produce weaker electric shocks that help them navigate and even communicate. Infact, scientists have now discovered that one of these species has the most powerful electrical discharge ever measured from any animal. When the electric discharge was measured it was discovered that the new species produced the highest recorded voltage – 860 volts. This is higher than the previous record of 650 volts. According to the study, this makes the electric eel species the strongest bioelectricity generator known. We hope you know that it was the electric eel that inspired Alessandro Volta to design the first electric battery in 1799.

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