Professor Shubhshree Mathur

Today we are going to tell you about someone who has been making these fabulous original comics for you! Professor Shubhshree Mathur has been colouring and drawing since she was in the 3rd standard. Can you imagine deciding that early what you want to do with your life?
She did.
Her illustrations are like scenes from our growing up years. That’s because she draws inspiration from her family, her childhood, living up in a small town and her mother’s paintings.
We think she is a compulsive doodler when she told us that she draws on anything and everything – mobile chargers, empty paper cups, used paper cups, paper napkins. In case you want her artwork, now is the time to send her one of these things
Here is her advice for the young artists:
Draw, sketch and doodle as often as you can. Don’t worry about being correct or neat, just draw what comes to your mind,
what you see, what you imagine. Draw on the blackboard with coloured chalk, draw in the sand, paint a wall in your room, draw birthday cards for your family and friends. You get better at capturing things on paper when you start noticing small details around you.

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