Revenge of the Puppets

This amazing story written by Nadine D’Souza and published by Karadi Tales shapes up in a beautiful Rajasthani village where Bhairo and Bhanu worked as puppeteers. They had four puppets, Jhumri, the beautiful dancer, Veer, the hero, Kalia- the villain, and a horse, named Dagdu. One night, Bhairo and Bhanu decided to make new puppets and replace the old ones, but Jhumri heard their discussion. All these puppets used to come to life at night. They decided not to go give up and planned to take the revenge. They spoilt the new puppets. Next day, when Bhairo and Bhanu tried to do the show with new puppets, audience left the show. They realised their mistake and felt that their old puppets were very lucky for them. They repaired the old puppets. The puppets were really happy.

I simply loved the storyline and the beautiful illustrations adds to the rustic charm of the story. The puppets taught me to not to give up easily and to fight for oneself. I would strongly recommend this book to all the kids irrespective of their age.

Reviewed by: Josya Bansal

 Age: 7 years

School: Sat Paul Mittal School, Ludhiana

Grade: 2

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