Satwik Gade

Satwik Gade is an illustrator and comics journalist. He has worked for several news publications like The Hindu and BuzzFeed. He has illustrated books for publishers like the boy who asked why, music for Joshua, Tara’s elephant and Billy chews, among others.

We asked him at what age did he start drawing and he says he was four when he started. Well, that’s an early age to start something for sure! Satwik says he was inspired by his talented cousin and together they used to draw panels from Tintin and Amar Chitra Katha comics. Isn’t that just amazing kids? We asked him what motivates him and this is what he told us – When I draw I can create things that are in my mind. It’s a very unique joy to see something that was in your mind come alive on paper or on screen. I love telling stories and drawings are a very fun and engaging way to tell stories. He likes doing artwork for children because reading with pictures made reading so much fun for him. “I distinctly remember the joy I felt at seeing beautifully illustrated books as a kid. It was the most amazing feeling in the world”, he says. “If I could make other kids feel like that, that would be pretty awesome”, he tells us.

His advice for the very young artists? Draw everything you see around you and everything that you see in your mind. Don’t try to draw correctly. Draw in a way that is the most fun. Draw in a way that makes you want to draw more and keep on drawing. Draw about things that make you happy and also things that make you sad.

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