Amma tell me about Krishna – Anjana Publishing

Do you celebrate Janamashtmi? I have clay toys that depict the various scenes from Krishna’s life. I set them up every year in a corner of my house and decorate the area with Rangoli. But do you know why we celebrate the birth of Krishna every year? This book by Bhakti Mathur will tell you

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Say hi to the Coder Barbie

No, I am not kidding. Mattel, the company that sells Barbie dolls has launched this new line of dolls. They can teach coding to girls as young as seven. The Robotics Engineer Barbie offers six coding lessons. She can teach you how to build robots, how to make them move, dance and even jump. Now

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Have you seen this pretty owl yet?

Did you ever wake up in the night due to a screech? That’s not a ghost. That’s also not the monster under your bed. Actually there are no ghosts or monsters as such. These are just things we imagine or read about. You know that… right? That screeching sound was made by the friendly neighborhood

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