WeWork goes the veg way!

Last month we told you about McDonald’s that had decided to become sustainable in a big way by replacing plastic straws with paper ones. Let me tell you about another company that become sustainable recently. WeWork is a company that lets people from different offices sit and work together. It has offices in more than

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World Snake Day – 16 July

World Snake Day is celebrated every year to help people learn more about them. Did you know that there are around 3,400 varieties of snakes in the world? However, only about 600 types of snakes are venomous. Snakes are peaceful in nature and don’t attach unless disturbed. They live on all continents except Antarctica. They can

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India pledges to beat plastic pollution by 2022

Hope you know that this year’s theme for the World Environment Day was “Beat Plastic Pollution”. Well, India announced that single-use plastics would be banned in all states by 2022. India has also pledged to make 100 national monuments litter-free. Now that’s a big promise. But just think, if all the plastic waste is gone,

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