The MatchBox Girl

Today i want to introduce you to one of my favourite artists in India. She is Sonal aunty and she draws beautiful images on… matchboxes! Yes that’s right.

She is an artist, Illustrator and an animator, based in Mumbai. She loves illustrating for children as it takes her back to being a kid. She has worked on several visual books for children for Fsher Price, Karadi Tales, UNICEF, Katha and Pratham. Sonal loves working on anything involving kids, be it doing some activity with them, telling them stories or any art project. Oh and she also loves cats!

She used to love drawing even she was a little girl. She was always excited for her friends’ birthdays because then she could make beautiful cards for them! She had one more hobby – collecting matchboxes! One day she decided to paint on a matchbox instead of her drawing sheet and… magic happened!

She has a small advice for all you little artists – There is no good or bad drawing. It’s just a drawing 🙂 be more observant, see your surroundings and you will find so much to draw!

You can see more of her work at

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