The Secret Life of Pets (2)

This is a sequel to the 2016 movie with the same name. The first movie was about Max and his fears about readjustment. In the second movie, there are 3 sub plots running parallel and though they converge in the end, it might get a little confusing so follow the 3 different stories closely. Max has some new fears as there is a baby in the house and he is anxious until he gets some life lessons (read gyan) from a dog called Rooster! Like the first movie, this one is also action packed with Snowball, the bunny acting as a superhero and rescuing a tiger cub from a cruel circus owner. In the third sub plo, Gidget, Max’s trusted friend is in the focus, amidst a houseful of scary felines! This one is a must – watch for all kids who have a furry friend, and an even more important must- watch for kids who are terrified of dogs and cats!

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