When Bholu Came Back

This book by Kavitha Punniyamurthi, published by Tulika Books is a captivating story of special bond of love and understanding shared by Bholu the camel and his owner Beni Ram. The book has a very subtle message of modernisation vs traditional ways of life.

Beni Ram, who was now getting old and was jobless was sad as Bholu had trotted back from the camel fair after being sold for the fifth time. Although Beni Ram wanted to sell his only camel, he never showed his back on him. In return Bholu earned new job, new jacket and new pointy shoes for Beni Ram.

I strongly recommend this book for all the kids irrespective to their age as this book is a must read for the sheer joy and elation it provides to its readers.

Reviewed by: Ivaan Sharma

Age: 6 years

School: Manav Rachana International School, Ludhiana

Grade: 1

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