Winning submissions for the Prompt – Courage

The girl who fought for every girl’s rights – story by Ahaana Makkar, 12 years

Once there was a girl named Maya. She lived in a village with her sister,
mother and father. She was 15 years old and very angry because
she wasn’t allowed to go to school. Her
Nita went to school as she was only 6. In their village, girls weren’t allowed to study after the age of 13. Maya fought for her Right to Education. She became famous all over the world because she had the courage to speak for herself. Now, every girl in her village goes to school and there is no inequality between girls and boys. Yes, courage, to fight at the border and wait,To suppress the hate he didn’t create. Yes, courage to repress the attack, No guarantee that he’ll be back.Yes, courage, to fight every day, Crying inside, yet smiling away. Yes, courage, to pay for some sinning, Partly dead inside, yet living. Yes, courage, to keep away from the dears,
To strike off all the earthly fears. Yes, courage of giving no cries, no screams, no wails, no shrieks, And, respecting the country till the last time he speaks.

Poem by Aahana Chandel, 14 years, DPS, Vasant Kunj

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