World’s largest rainforest on fire

Fire across Brazil’s Amazon region is wiping out huge areas of the rainforest and people around the world are worried. Many say this is a man-made fire by Brazilian farmers who want to clear the land for agricultural use. Leaders of several countries have criticised Brazilian President Mr Jair Bolsonaro and his land use policies. Since his election in January this year, he worked to make environmental laws flexible and has managed to open up vast areas of the Amazon for commercial use like mining and farming. However, after facing protests internationally, the Brazilian government has deployed 40,000 military personnel to fight the fire outbreaks. 

The Brazilian Amazon has experienced over 74,000 fires since January, according to data from Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research. The Amazon is a vital carbon store that slows down the pace of global warming. Sadly, the burning forest is now contributing to the global climate crisis as it is sending huge amounts of greenhouse gas back into the atmosphere. The rainforest is important for our planet’s survival and we hope that the fire outbreaks are brought under control soon. 

About the Amazon 

 It is the largest rainforest on earth stretching over nine countries: Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Surinam, and French Guyana.

 It is also called “the lungs of the Earth”, because it creates nearly 20% of the planet’s oxygen.  The Amazon also absorbs vast amounts of carbon dioxide, which is essential to fighting climate change

 The Amazon is home to the highest number plants and animals species in the world. One on every ten new species has been found in the rainforest. 

 Hundreds of indigenous groups and forest dependent people
live in it. 

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