Yayy for Rajaji Tiger Reserve citizens

Let’s start with some good news. The National Green Tribunal (NGT) has asked the Indian army to shift the Raiwala ammunition dump in Uttarakhand’s Rajaji Tiger Reserve to a new site. NGT has also asked the army to “ensure restoration of the elephant corridor”. The dump was blocking the movement of wild animals between the eastern and western parts of the reserve. The order came on a petition by a Delhi-based NGO, Centre for Wildlife & Environmental Litigation (CWEL). The petition said that the dump was a risk to the ecology, biodiversity and wildlife of the reserve.

  •   NGT – Children we hope you know that the National Green Tribunal was established in 2010 for fast disposal of cases relating to environmental protection and conservation of forests and other natural resources.
  •   Ammunition dump – A military storage facility for live bullets, rockets, bombs etc.

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